Traditional Martial Arts classes for Men and Women

in Exmouth, East Devon

Self Defence

Budo Taijutsu

Shinken Taijutsu (Modern Application)


Fitness & Body Conditioning

Ki (Chi) Development


Classes consist of a full warm up that includes

yoga,pilates,cardio and traditional martial art stretches

followed by tuition in techniques that you practice

with a partner and are encouraged to 'play' with.

Gradings are informal and based solely on experience,ability & spirit.


About Us

Practical self defence and martial arts training twice a week right here in Exmouth!


Keep fit, flexible and healthy while learning the principles and techniques of

Shinken Taijutsu (Modern Budo Application).


Small classes with no politics or egos or competition - just great fun friendly training.



~ Improves balance, posture & co-ordination

~ Develops self confidence

~ Increases levels of personal fitness

~ Relieves stress

~ Increases personal health & sense of well being

~ Promotes Internal Ki (Chi) levels

Traditional Kobudo Arts. Non Franchise. Local Instructor.

Adults class - Over 16's only.



Simon Patrick Tully

A martial artist from boy to man. Simon started his journey learning Wado Ryu Karate under Dave Hunt during the 80's, continuing his interest in martial arts in Aikido where he trained under Theofanis Andrews in Kew, later meeting Gurinder Singh of the Ki Federation of Great Britain who introduced

him to Ki development within Aikido.

Simon then met Jason Everett-Brown, a Budo Taijutsu instructor in the West country who ran a small dojo for several years where he learnt the application and organic nature of Shinken Taijutsu (modern combat application).


In 2008 Simon started his own dojo in Exmouth, Devon where he shares

his knowledge in budo in a format that covers complete fitness and well being.


Contact Us

yokoburi dojo

Marpool Primary School. Moorfield Road, Exmouth Devon EX8 3QW


Tuesdays 7.15pm – 9.30pm

Over 16's Only.

07890 267 487

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Google Reviews

Samantha Coulson

I have been training here for just over 6 months and can't recommend it enough. My fellow students are friendly, diligent and inspiring and our instructor Simon is awesome. I look forward to each session and can truly say that I feel safe and encouraged during training, no matter how boisterous things may get, and always go home feeling buzzed and accomplished. If someone is looking for a professionally run, safe and friendly inspiring dojo to learn and train in, look no further!

Jacob Betts

I've been training here for a while now and would really recommend this for anyone new or experienced with martial arts. Not only are the people extremely friendly but the lessons are informative and learned through a very hands on approach with advice/help on demand. A great place to meet new people and learn new skills!

Jay Acutt

Simon is an highly accomplished and profoundly knowledgeable instructor, who transfers this via his passion for the Art in every lesson.
The classes are well-structured and accessible for any level, and made all the more enjoyable because of Tully's great humour and personal flair. The class is made of a great bunch of people, who also share the passion for the Art and its a pleasure to join them every week for training.
If you've always wanted to learn a martial art, or specifically Ninjutsu, for whatever reason (fitness, culture, tradition etc), you won't be disappointed by attending the Exmouth Yokoburi Dojo.

Mike Reece

Best club around, some fantastic things to learn, you will gain amazing experience every week, great club, and great people, very welcoming and friendly The weeks I have not been there I have missed it loads and can't wait to get back to it !

Sean Beharrell

I can not recommend this martial art or club highly enough. I have been a member for almost a year and I have had such fun and learnt so much. There is such a friendly atmosphere and comradery with the other students. Everyone is made to feel welcome and as an instructor, Simon is awesome. There is a great variety of techniques coevred in each class, from street self defence to meditation, through to a great number of weapons and multiple attackers. If you want to meet new people, have fun, learn to protect yourself and improve your general mental and physical fitness - give it a go!!!!

Martyn Cowd

Tully is a very well accomplished Ninjutsu instructor, he has a vast array or modern and ancient martial knowledge and this shows through his lessons.

The classes themselves can be suited for any level of ability, and is a fun yet calm and relaxing environment. Tully has a great sense of humour, pride in his students and is an absolute honour to train with. Everyone in the class is friendly and informative and are willing to lend a hand should you struggle, this contributes to making this class an all-round winner.

I would highly recommend this Ninjutsu instruction to anyone, and urge anyone looking for a martial art to study to give it a try.

The Exmouth Yokoburi Dojo is definitely one of, if not the best dojos I have had the pleasure of joining.

James Mcgarrigle

A fantastic club, great students and awesome instructor. A practical, effective and comprehensive martial art, highly recommended!

Troy Clements

I just started and the advanced members are really helpful, a great martial arts class with some great moves already learnt so early on!

Troy Wilkinson

I have been training at Exmouth Yokoburi Dojo for about two years now and it has been fantastic. From a great, friendly and dedicated group of people to a very varied and highly practical martial art taught throughly, with great care and attention, this dojo has everything that someone wanting to learn a practical and meaningful martial art could want.


No egos - No competition

Celebrating 12 years of training in Exmouth, Devon.

If you would like to come and try a FREE class on a Tuesday night send us a message in the contact box !

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